Nespresso Zinemaldia 2015

Installation and Art Direction inside Nespresso event in Culinary Festival San Sebastian 2015

Client: Nespresso Spain
Agency: Globally


Película para reforzar conceptos para la nueva identidad de Seeway, escuela de diseño en Barcelona.

Shake It Like a Salt Shaker

Final movie as a result of a Stopmotion Workshop at Seeway Formación.

Print: Pineapple Galaxy

To create this menu I have been inspired by the joyful mood I would like to create with family and friends for my last fresh, sweet and juicy meal on earth before my departure on the space shuttle to outer space. Music has been included to enjoy this food...

PAU Education
Agency: PAU Education

Merry Christmas from

Christmas Carol -

Audio design: Bernat Camacho


By United Fakes, Director, Strange Beast.
Our movie talks about the ritual of “resetting” your heart.
Just as we transform food into ourselves by eating it.

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life and after-life of the Tiki Rider

song: Goofer Dust by Waylon Thornton is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

How Shit Works?

How Shit Works? fue el primer evento creado por 40fakes y ThreeFiveFifty en Mutuo Centro de Arte, en Barcelona. Este vídeo recopila el trabajo de seis magníficos ilustradores que crearon un mural enorme, tributo al ilustrador americano Rube Goldberg, du...

Masterclass Atelier - Daniel Crespo

I hate my job
I hate my kitchen
I hate my bath
I hate myself
Atelier 7.03.2013


Rotoscoping experiment based on an original project that combines photography and choreography, now featuring a song from the amazing D2mau.


General Optica - Ilumina el 2013

Campaña de navidad para General Optica

Client: General Optica
Agency: Wunderman
Audio Design: Flow-audio

UPC Halloween Promotion

Promo for UPC on demand for Halloween promo 2012.

Client: UPC
Agency: Chellomedia

Making Of: