United Fakes
We love telling stories and we do love telling people how we tell stories. Sharing our process makes us as happy as the process in itself.
We've done several workshops lately and we love to think that us and all the beautiful people that attended had a great experience. We believe that workshops have to be more inspirational than technique transfer. In those workshops, we usually end up with some movies, where the attendants and us create what we've previously shared and try to foresee what all of us, in our own way, may achieve with some extra work.
How we like to do it
We usually begin with a short introduction of our work focused on an animation/story exercise we've previously planned. After that we explain the exercise, share with everyone our thoughts and doubts and finally we all get to work. We think that a good workshop has the potential for every one to go home with a fair and good end result, so we always find time to briefly shoot and edit what we've all done so that everyone gets a movie/story after all.
We've had the chance to do workshops in many different schedules, ranging from 3 to 24 hours (spread in three days) although we can and we would love to go even deeper and further.
Depending on how much time we get, we define an exercise so that it can be fully done before we leave (completing our exercise doesn't generally happens, but one way or the other something good always comes up).

Trouble with the curve

Trouble with the curve.
Película resultante del taller de animación tradicional realizado en Seeway, escuela de diseño en Barcelona. Julio de 2016

Head Bangers Ball

Workshop in Seeway. July 2015

Seeway's Pillow Fight

Stop-motion movie as a result of our Master Class in Seeway
June 2016


Película para reforzar conceptos para la nueva identidad de Seeway, escuela de diseño en Barcelona.

Modulus vivendi

Loops Festival 2014's Workshop.
June 2014. Barcelona

Workshop Students:
Serena Amatori
Cristina Barnolas
Thais Borri
Daniela Cladera Vignola
Sergio Cladera Vignola
Julia Garcia
Eva Hue...

Shake It Like a Salt Shaker

Final movie as a result of a Stopmotion Workshop at Seeway Formación.

Año Sabático

Ejercicio final del Workshop en Seeway, después de cuatro días de trabajo con un excelente grupo de estudiantes del Master en Motion Graphics. No tener experiencia previa en el mundo de la animación da una capa adicional de honestidad al vídeo.

Masterclass Atelier - Daniel Crespo

I hate my job
I hate my kitchen
I hate my bath
I hate myself

Atelier 7.03.2013

En contra de la linea recta

Animation workshop in Barcelona based design school Elisava.
January 2013

Audio:Dexter Britain -The Time To Run Finale


Workshop "loops"
Exercise 1
Elisava 02/06/2012 - 09/06/2012 (Barcelona).
Art direction and Com Masters.

5 hours. 2 days. 40 students.



Workshop Jop!
Elisava 01/12/2011 (Barcelona).

4 hours to build up a communication artifact.

Jordi Cano, Enric Jaulent and the United Fakes.

Process of Meaning

Workshop 'Process of Meaning'
GetSetFest'11 08-07/10/2011 (Oporto).

2 days to build up a description.

Thanks: Rita, Ana Maria, Rui, André Santos, Ines and Joana.

"We are the United Fakes. We like to think of u...

Elisava short comm

Workshop 'short comm'
Elisava Master DDd'A
Barcelona 01/12/2011

10 sec to represent the concept of 'home'.

Los discípulos de Hanzo - Making Of

Elisava DDd'A Workshop Making Of.
July 2011 - Barcelona.

Conference DDd'A. ELISAVA. Abril 2011

Master DDd'A.
Groups Tom & Jerry
Tutor: Jordi Cano

song: An End Like This from Learning Music


Small course about "Stop-Motion" at Metafora school (Barcelona).