United Fakes
We love telling stories and we do love telling people how we tell stories. Sharing our process makes us as happy as the process in itself.
We've done several workshops lately and we love to think that us and all the beautiful people that attended had a great experience. We believe that workshops have to be more inspirational than technique transfer. In those workshops, we usually end up with some movies, where the attendants and us create what we've previously shared and try to foresee what all of us, in our own way, may achieve with some extra work.
How we like to do it
We usually begin with a short introduction of our work focused on an animation/story exercise we've previously planned. After that we explain the exercise, share with everyone our thoughts and doubts and finally we all get to work. We think that a good workshop has the potential for every one to go home with a fair and good end result, so we always find time to briefly shoot and edit what we've all done so that everyone gets a movie/story after all.
We've had the chance to do workshops in many different schedules, ranging from 3 to 24 hours (spread in three days) although we can and we would love to go even deeper and further.
Depending on how much time we get, we define an exercise so that it can be fully done before we leave (completing our exercise doesn't generally happens, but one way or the other something good always comes up).