Gnomos kontraten

The United Fakes wishes you a "Very single and very very special 2013"!!

The year is close to an end (maybe the world is going to end too), so we decided to sing a song, cut some paper and have fun animating a movie. We also decided that it...

General Optica - Ilumina el 2013

Campaña de navidad para General Optica

Client: General Optica
Agency: Wunderman
Audio Design: Flow-audio

UPC Halloween Promotion

Promo for UPC on demand for Halloween promo 2012.

Client: UPC
Agency: Chellomedia

Making Of:

Opening titles

Mobile we built for the movie poster and the opening titles for "Volar". A movie by Carla Subirana.


One second micro films sandwiched between a title card and end slate.
Photobomb is our contribution to Full Secs project, conceived and curated by (

nervo for bershka

Mini-campaign for Bershka's Denim Deluxe Limited Edition
Audio: Nervo & Hook N Sling "Reason". Licensed Courtesy of Spinnin' records.

Tenemos que hablar

Nuestra contribución a la campaña "bloguera" de IKEA España "Tenemos que hablar". via 40fakes

Our contribution to IKEA Spain's "blog" campaign "We need to talk". via 40fakes

Seeway talk

Nuestra charla más reciente en la escuela Seeway sobre nuestro trabajo y algunas historias relacionadas.

Our latest talk at Seeway scool about the UnitedFakes work and some related stories.

(Audio "Devendra Banhart - Brindo"...


Workshop "loops"
Exercise 1
Elisava 02/06/2012 - 09/06/2012 (Barcelona).
Art direction and Com Masters.

5 hours. 2 days. 40 students.



Everything by the unitedfakes.

Oh my reel this is god 2011

Reel de todos los trabajos realizados en 2011

Reel of all works done in 2011


Promo for UPC on demand Arthouse films promo.
Inhouse edit.

Dutch online version:

Client: UPC
Agency: Chellomedia

Finalist on PromaxBDA Europe 2012 // Best on-demand/cat...

Imperdible Parker Lewis

Audio from Enrico Caruso. Nell'ore Arcane Della Sua Lussuria from Act II of Otello by Guiseppe Verdi. Recorded December 28, 1910.