Promo for children's channel aging from 0 to 12.
Inhouse edit, mixing all the promos.

Client: UPC
Agency: Chellomedia
Inhouse edit audio:
Animation assistant: Vibeke Flori...

The chase - Bershka SS2012

Bershka crew: Silvia Palomino
Production: Elvira Pla
Models: Anna Brewster, Zippora Seven, Alex Kunha, Dylan Oakes, Mckeena
Stylist: Ana de Gregorio
Make up: Darlene Jacobs
Hair: Hammal
Audio design: Flowaudio http://fl...

Elisava short comm

Workshop 'short comm'
Elisava Master DDd'A
Barcelona 01/12/2011

10 sec to represent the concept of 'home'.


Mini-campaign for Bershka Limited Edition for Man

Audio design: Bernat Camacho

Bershka Shop Online Promo: Sizing

Mini-campaign to celebrate the new Bershka's Shop Online.

Where is fashion?

Video-campaign to promote the new Bershka's shop online.


BERSHKA – Winter collection 2011/12

we thank:
Production: Elvira Pla
Audio: d2Mau

Los discípulos de Hanzo - Making Of

Elisava DDd'A Workshop Making Of.
July 2011 - Barcelona.

Disco Molester

"Disco molester" is the story of a very dirty old man, on a saturday night, with no means to go out, only using the phone randomly to make repeated and harassing phone calls. From seventies disco times to these days, he hasn't lost an ounce of his dirty o...

Print: Regala Vida

"Regala Vida" es un proyecto realizado en colaboración con Gemma Sanchez Oms, para un ejercicio práctico en el Campus Mundet. La campaña está relacionada con la donación de órganos.

"Regala vida" (Gift of life) is a project made in coll...

the ping and the pong

BERSHKA – Lookbook May 2011

we thank:
Production: Elvira Pla
song: djmustache - lovin.

Confirmación del borrador. RENTA 2010

Nuestra colaboración en el proyecto de Funky Monkey para la agencia tributaria en la campaña RENTA 2010.

Our colaboration in the Funky Monkey's project for the campaign RENTA 2010 for agencia tributaria.

Oh my God, this is Reel 2010

Reel de todos los trabajos realizados en 2010

Reel of all works done in 2010

Fourty Redrums

Our own tribute to Kubrick

Project created for Burn Your Mind project:

Audio: Tom Waits - Little drop of Poison

Keep moving

by unitedfakes

client: TotalJobs for RAD awards
agency: VCCP ( )
produced by Strange Beast ( )
audio design: d2mau ( )
set design: estudi360 ( )



we thank:
Production: Elvira Pla
Stylist: Ana Murillas
Assistant: Txus
Hairdressing & Make up: Esther Zaragoza
Models: Hannah Holman, Claudia and River Delfín
Bershka crew...